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Less than 100 days to the World Cup

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Parkini Features In Manchester Evening News - June 14

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Parkini Stickers - April 2011



Chadderton Park FC are probably the only club in the World

to launch our very own

Chadderton Park FC - Parkini Stickers

Parents - Remember them days collecting those Panini stckers,

Hours of Fun and doing Swaps etc.


Well Now - You and your family can collect footy stickers with your own child on them

This is a Once Only Chance of a life time, other clubs will soon be trying to copy our idea

Once these stickers have gone , they've gone. So Dont Miss Out.

How it works :-

Stickers Packs will be available from your own team coach

Each Pack will cost £ 2.50 and Each Packet contains 3 stickers

Stickers will be Players, Coaches, Team Photo ( split into 2 ),

Mascots and even Chaddy Park Shineys !!

Rather than supply a book and try and fill the book at a cost of £ 100 +

it was decided that they are sold per each team, but feel free to buy stickers from teams

within your own age group or throughout the club

A back board with all the names printed on it is available at £ 1 each

If you buy 5 packets on your first go ie £ 10 then the backboard is FREE

5 packets will give you 25 stickers so dependng on the size of your squad could be enough to fill

the card by doing Swaps !!

Once the card is full it is a Great item to keep for future years

Or you may wish to upgrade

For an additional cost of £ 10.00 you can buy a frame

The Backboards have been precisely designed so that they fit straight into the above

frame. If you want one order it through your coach and we'll order them in bulk

Unfortunately frames are not available for the under 6s due to the size of their boards

The above projects has cost the club getting on for £ 1500

as well as the hundreds of hours preparing the designs and photos's

The aim of the Parkini stickers is not to raise money but to Have Fun and do something

that no other club has done. We have tried to do it so most sets will only cost £ 10 - £ 20

If the club covers the cost of the project then that'll be great

Teams Taking Part

Under 6s Acadamy

Under 7's Eagles, Lions, Griffins, Dragons, Phoenix

Under 8's Eagles, Lions, Griffins, Dragons,

Under 9's Eagles, Lions, Griffins,

Under 10's Eagles, Lions,

Under 11's Eagles, Lions,

Under 13's eagles

Under 9's Girls, Under 10's Girls, Under 11's Girls

The Teams within the club Not listed above decided themselves Not to take part

The club would like to thank the following companies in assisting with this projects

Mockridge Labels & Nameplates Ltd - Parkini stickers

Walkers In Store - Manchester - Back Boards - F.O.C

SJL Print Media - Manchester - Packet stickers - F.O.C.

Paul Lengden - For Drawing the Mascots for Eagles, Lions, Griffins, Dragons

It would be great if you could send in your pictures

of you taking part in your sticker collection,

Please send them in and we'll add them to the website

Who will be first to complete their team ?

Email them to

Oldham Advertiser / M.E.N.

Oldham Advertiser

Picture taken by and property of Oldham Advertiser

Click here to read Article in Oldham Advertiser / M.E.N.

we feature on the Front Page - how good is that !

Picture taken by and property of Oldham Advertiser

Click here to read Article in Oldham Advertiser / M.E.N.

Oldham Chronicle

Picture taken by and property of Oldham Chronicle

Click here to read Article in the Oldham Chronicle

Oldham Chronicle

Oldham Chronicle

Local Press - Oldham Chronicle during their photo shoot

for the Parkini Press Release

Lucas Completes his set

Lucas only needed one to complete his set,

So Milo swapped one sticker for 2 from Lucas

Chaddy Park Lucas Kavanagh

Lucas Finishes off his collection by mounting it in a frame

Well Done Lucas - You're the 1st to Complete

Frames are only £ 10.00 Order yours now.

4 4 2 Football Magazine - August 2011

Click here for a LARGER Version of the Article

The countrys best Football Magazine 4 4 2 have contacted us,

Our PARKINI story is in the above August edition

Make sure you buy your copy

Click here to visit 4 4 2 's website

Click here to read a LARGER version of the article

Email any pictures to

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