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Chadderton Fold


From OLD to NEW


Above Picture Taken June 2010

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Paul Scholes - Manchester United & England

Offically opened the changing rooms on 6th June 2010

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pictures from the Opening Event

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of the development of the build

since 2nd August 2008

Sponsor a Brick Appeal

Sponsor a Brick Appeal at the Botton of this page

Details at the Bottom of this Page...

The Story so far re : Chadderton Fold

The Club’s Committee are delighted to announce, after some considerable negotiations, that the Club has now signed the licence to take over the site of the old St. Matthews Cricket club at Chadderton Fold ( Chaddy Fold ), at the side of Chadderton Hall Park.

Cricket had been played on this site for well over 100 years but in recent years the Cricket club had gone into decline. As the Cricket Club was also unable to extend its boundaries to conform to modern day standards which has sadly resulted in the club folding.

The trustees of the site have had several meetings with our Committee members and have decided to grant us a licence for 25 years to play football matches on the site.

The old cricket pavilion still stands but as can be seen from the photos, it had become almost derelict and the whole site was overgrown. 



This front view of the old pavilion shows how run down the building has become. It is now beyond saving and needs demolishing.

We have now made safe the old brick paviion and given it a quick lick of white paint.... complete with our own Chadderton Park FC club sign.




The whole site was overgrown and needed

clearing before a football pitch could be marked on it.

Now the Grass has been cut and

marked out as a useable pitch


The first step was to clear the whole site so that the ground can be prepared for laying a football pitch.

The Club engaged the services of Colin Harrop of Birchlea Horticultural Services.

This has now happened and the Pitch is being maintained to a high standard

Jan 2008

We have now had one side of the pitch fenced off, this fence is available for sponsorship advertising at £ 200 per panel

New Fencing 2008, Chaddy Fold - Church Inn

See our Sponsors page for list of Sponsors and further details... money needs to be raised for the remainder required.

Proposed Plans for the Development of Chadderton Fold

We plan to demolish the old Pavillion and build new Changing Rooms in the corner, on the site of the existing wooden paviliion

See Picture Below : -

We aim to start a Fund Raising Campaign called

" Sponsor a Brick " - see below for details

" Sponsor a Brick Appeal "

Click to download sample certificate

List of Names who have " Bought a Brick "

Daniel Barber
Craig Simpson
Milo Garratt-Simpson
Jancie Garratt-Simpson
Camille Garratt-Simpson
Carl Ward
David Broadbent
Michael Dower
John Dower
Mark Lengden
Adele Lengden
Reiss Simms
Luke Bertenshaw
George Lengden
Ellis Simms
Kyle Law
Samuel Lengden
Joel Shaw
Callum Turley
Howard Gregory
Lisa Byram
Daniel Turley
Andrew Gregory
Sarah Batters
Hashim Khan
George Whiteside-Burns
Mary Hassall
Christopher Burns
Sue Whiteside
Elizabeth Whiteside-Burns
James Whiteside-Burns
Wayne Rigby
Malcolm Rigby
Dean Hardman
Stella Kelsall
Pat Rigby
Luke Smith
Jac Smith
Rhys Chorlton
Kyle Chorlton
Gareth Hilton
Karen Hilton
Emily Hilton
The Hiltons
Jenny Lever
Susan Bowers
Peter Bowers
Sandra Cheetham
David Stewart
David Clowes
Jacob Cope
Michael Freedman
Anne Gill
Ean & Gail Gill
Marion Robinson
Paul Gill
Dalton O'Connor
Joe Lynch
Jake Anderson
Gary Crompton
Luc Crompton
Linda Robinson
Lucas Kavanagh
Alison Kavanagh
Darren Kavanagh
Maureen Kavanagh
Ryan Tinline
Pauline Sellers
Anna Cusack
Anna Cusack
Liam-Paul Cusack
Liam-Paul Cusack
Alex Knight
Roy Knight
Jackie Knight
Joseph Newton
Ian & Julie Kirkham
Matthew Hayden
John Hayden
Adam Hayden
Lucy Hayden
Ray Dickens
Martyn Torr
Matthew Wilkinson
Luke Wilkinson
Simon Shuttleworth
Andrew Burns
Andrew Burns
Andrew Burns
Andrew Burns
Dawn Fox
Christine Dennis
Barbara Wilson
Adam Thompson
Joseph Thompson
Tony Hardman
Glenys Jones
Sarah Ward
Sarah O'Neil
Friends of Coalshaw Green Park
David Pickering
Joyce Pickering
Graham Mansfield
Enid Mansfield
Derek Lees
Joshua Mansfield
Joan Sidebottom
Maureen & Ian Brierley
Kirsty Rimmer
Mark Rimmer
Christine Booth
Alison Bentley
Linda Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer
Carl Rimmer
Josef Rimmer
Jacob Rimmer
Harry Anderton
Lighthouse Carrwood x 6
Duncan Prince
Joshua Mansfield
Jez Attwater
Paula Attwater
Brandon Cope
Jimmy Greaves
Nick Knight x 5
Darren Shaw
Liz Shaw
Paul Orchard
Arron Orchard
David Orchard
Doreen Orchard
Jacob Birtles
Joel Birtles
Richard Whitmore
Jamie Rimmer
Callum Pollard
Marc Pollard
Alex Kelly
Joshua Kelly
Luc Tracey
Christopher Hurst
Chaddy The Owl
Callum Boyles
Aidan Boyles
Jason Trickett
Lucas Trickett

List of Companies / People that have sponsored - £ 125.00

Visit Howdens website


For £ 125.00 ( 25 bricks x £ 5 each )

Your company name listed here, complete with weblink and also when the Changing Rooms are built your company name will be added to a master plate on the wall

James Clayton

Player of Chaddy Park FC

Sponsor of 25 Bricks

Cooldelight Desserts Ltd
Suite 4 Havana House, Cuba Business Park,Ramsbottom

Sponsor of 25 Bricks

Mr & Mrs M Lever

Sponsor of 25 Bricks

Christine Dennis

Sponsor of 25 Bricks

Alex Marsh A.C. Coaching

Sponsor of 25 Bricks

Joan Sidebottom

Sponsor of 25 Bricks

Val, Frank, Carl & Jimmy Greaves

Sponsor of 25 Bricks

Tony Tomlinson Hill Top Farm

Sponsor of 25 Bricks


List of Companies / People that have sponsored - £250.00


Steve, Mary and Mark Lynch



For £ 250.00 ( 50 bricks x £ 5 each )

Your company name listed here, complete with weblink and also when the Changing Rooms are built your company name will be added to a master plate on the wall


Harry Eckersall



Howard and Lesley Pilling



Ian Butterworth



Barry & Dorothy Lengden



Sponsor a Fence - £ 200

Click here for more pictures and details

of the development of the build

since 2nd August 2008

July 2011

The Old Cricket Club house ( pictured below ) - has been Demolished

This is what it looks like now


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